As you develop your career you will take time out at pivotal points to ask

  • What am I in this job for?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • How can I make the difference?

Focus Learning Trust offers you the most incredible and critical step in your teaching career.

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Think about all of those things that motivated you to become a teacher, think about how you were going to make the difference and then think about how many barriers are in your way. Working for the largest chain of independent schools in the world  could just be the most critical thing that happens to you.

What does this opportunity bring?

  • Working with the very best people in education- outstanding teachers, leaders and an organisation that is built and develops with its students at the epicentre of every decision
  • A badge of honour; you will be known as a member of the most prestigious of educational teams
  • The capacity to develop, drive improvements and be recognised immediately in this process

What is it like to work in a Focus School?

What are the demands that will be placed on me?

What are the rewards?